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Looking for custom work?

deHoutwinkel “the woodshop” is as unique of a company as its instruments. Being a one-man shop in Logan, Utah allows Daryl to meticulously put his expertise and attention into every piece from design to delivery.

Step into the world of de houtwinkel acoustic guitars & ukuleles and let your music resonate with passion and precision.

Laura Block
The Kumiko workshop with Daryl was great! He patiently instructed me through each step and answered my zillion beginner questions. Great workshop environment, cool playlist, and great instruction. And I'm really happy with the end result for a first project.
Matt Reeder
I have now done 3 different workshops with Daryl, and I can't say enough about how great they were. I started with a simple cutting board project and based on how much fun it was to work with him, and how patient he was in his teaching, it was an easy choice to sign up for building a guitar (and later a set of boxes). Daryl has a great depth of knowledge in woodworking and luthiery. His passion comes through clearly - it seems like he's constantly looking for ways to learn from other luthiers, or share his knowledge. He is patient, easy going, and very talented. At the start, I was worried that my lack of prior knowledge/skill would hold me back, but under Daryl's guidance I was able to build an incredible guitar. Thanks Daryl!
Martin Janousek
I did the ukulele master class with Daryl and it was fantastic. not sure where to start but from start to finish Daryl made this class one of my best experiences. He is very knowledgeable, got all the tools, knows how to teach, is patient and overall just a wonderful being. thanks a lot Daryl!!!
George Woodruff
I had Daryl make me a custom ukulele with my specs. All I can say is that it’s perfect in every detail, looks and plays beautifully. It’s not easy to find a custom ukulele maker that charges around $1,000, uses your input, and collaborates with you along the way. Highly recommended!
Steve Smith
I needed a tenor uke with radiused fingerboard, zero fret and a satin finish from de Houtwinkel. We went through options of tone woods, my playing style, overall design (“traditional” or “flare”). I wanted some of both. At every junction Daryl informed me of options and included me in the decision-making. As a result, I now have a wonderful instrument that was a collaboration between us. And he was delightful to work with during the process as well as after delivery of my uke. Outstanding experience start to finish!
Christian Thomas
Daryl is a is not only fantastic luthier but a lovely person. He worked with me to get a guitar built from scratch to my specs and it surpassed what I imagined it to be. The craftsmanship rivals a few of my other boutique guitars but at an accessible price. You don’t have to be a guitar collector to have one and it would be a shame. These are instruments the world needs to hear from.
Tai Moses
I was so fortunate to come across de Houtwinkel when I was considering getting a custom-made ukulele. Before I even took the plunge, I purchased a beautiful, handcrafted tiger-maple stool from Daryl. When I saw this piece of furniture in person, I realized I had found the right luthier to make my ukulele. Daryl worked with me to create a tenor uke that is made almost entirely of native Oregon woods, at a very reasonable price. It was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end: Daryl asked lots of questions about what I wanted and showed me photos of different species of wood. During the build, he sent me photos and texts, always keeping me in the loop. My ukulele looks stunning, has a warm, bright tone and feels smooth and flawless in my hands – like it was made for me. If you want an heirloom quality ukulele, or a custom-made piece of furniture, made in the USA by an independent artisan, you will not find a better quality woodshop than de Houtwinkel.