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de Houtwinkel.  meaning “the woodshop” is as unique of a company as its maker. Being a one-man shop in Logan, Utah allows Daryl to meticulously put his expertise and attention into every piece from design to delivery.

 ethos.  Every single person in this world is different, and that is why each of our instruments are handcrafted specifically to your needs. We source locally harvested woods, and carefully select sustainable timber from around the world to lessen the impact for future generations. Importantly, our products are inclusive to everyone, affordable, and made 100% here in the United States. Supporting this small business not only benefits the community, but allows us to give back to other small businesses that supply our needs. No matter what, we will build you the most resposnive instrument that you purchase from us.

sustainability history.    Daryl spent the greater part of a decade as a Wildland Firefighter protecting people, assets, and more importantly our forests. Knowing first hand the effects on our warming climate, and the destruction wildfires can cause; provided Daryl a better understanding of our forests. The knowledge gained has been an integral part in this companies philosophy: Building a better, more modern instrument that is sustainable, and will last many generations. All while preserving the history of how they were made. “There is no greater feeling in the world, than to be the absolute last thing between natures fury, and the most important resource we have on this planet.”  D.v.

new.  We are now offering one-on-one instrument building workshops, and woodworking classes. Available for any skill level.

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made in Logan, Utah

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