Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Measurement Analysis  


Unlock the secrets of acoustic guitars with our new measurement technology. We now offer this resource to help understand your instruments many acoustic properties.

    • -Discover the intricate modes(four) of vibration and sound radiation that make each strum a unique experience.
    • -Explore the world of acoustics, delve into Chladni patterns, and analyze modes of vibration for a deeper understanding of your instrument, which allows you to see the sound.
    • -Experience precise frequency response (your instruments sonic signature) analysis for a well-balanced and harmonious playing experience. 
    • -And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about ukulele enthusiasts – our technology supports both acoustic guitars and ukuleles.
    • -Enhance your understanding of your instrument’s monopole mobility and uncover new possibilities for musical expression.

This process is done in-house on everyone of our custom instrument builds already using the data and technology available to us. Now we can offer you the same data that us professionals use so you can understand your instrument even better. As described by Gore/Gilet, “The mathematics of sound radiation becomes very complex very quickly..”

How the Process Works

You send us your instrument, and within 3 days of receiving it, we will perform all the necessary measurements, and send it back to you. The fee does not include shipping, but we can offer you a discounted shipping rate with a printable label both ways. You will also receive a printed detailed analysis of your instrument with pictures tucked into a personal binder. 

Questions? Feel free to ask!