Luthier Masterclass


Luthier Masterclass


What makes this class different from our Instrument Building Workshop, is that we will be going over everything you need to learn about the art of lutherie. From designing your instrument, theories, and all the in-betweens. 


Highlights from this workshop

  • Instrument design
  • Jig and mold making
  • Tone-wood selection
  • Tools and shop setup
  • Discussion of theories
  • Voicing of the top and back
  • Different bracing
  • Instrument set-up
  • Milling lumber from rough stock
  • One-on-one hands on instruction
  • Spanish Heel style construction or mortise/tenon
  • Frequency response
  • Gore/Gilet method
  • French polishing


This workshop, much like our others, is completely flexible with your schedule. You can choose from available weeks, or individual days that will fit your needs. There is no set timeframe for when this class is to be completed, because everyone learns at their own pace. We can also setup classes via Zoom if you have your own workshop, and once you have started the process in person. 


Luthier Masterclass Pricing

$4,000 for the entire course, which includes all material to build the instrument and jigs. *Any bending machines or other tools will be an additional charge* 

$500 deposit* is required to secure your spot, and payment plans are available 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions

* Deposit is non-refundable. Any cancellation due to life events can be made, and we can reschedule as needed.